Firm Points in a Constantly Changing System

It takes an intuition, an idea, a vision. Bases to start with in order to find a form, a strategic and organized project in the field of communication. A challenge to us and to our clients, in a system in which everything changes very quickly.


Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione
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About us

We are a marketing, advertising and strategic communication company based in Ticino since 1990, but active both at national and international level. Its founder – PAOLO SPALLUTO – comes from multi-year experiences in the field of advertising, marketing and communication. He is supported by a young and skilled team, capable of contributing with creativity, enthusiasm and dynamism to the implementation of our projects. We are guided by a passion for our customers; we think and work with attention and dedication to find intelligent solutions through creativity, success-oriented.

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Strategia


Our job consists in grasping our clients’ needs, finding for them the most appropriate solutions. We use our experience to constantly challenge ourselves in search of new ideas. We strengthen our clients’ identity through a focused consulting and customized strategies, being our priority to reach together the arranged goals.
Our working history allows us to have a current, wide and well-established vision, oriented to the understanding of the analysis of the companies’ requests, to which we answer neatly and efficiently.

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Mission


«Strategic Thinking» is our modus operandi. Many know what a strategy is, we know how to implement it.
We carefully listen to our clients; we understand their needs, which we analyse together, making our expertise available: watching the situation through our perspective allows identifying strong and weak points. We define the goals and the procedures to reach them through a strategic formulation, rapidly and with a careful cost management.
Finally, we commit ourselves to an effective strategy implementation, planning constant tests of our performance, to guarantee our clients’ success.

Our Services

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Comunicazione

  • Communication strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Psycjolinguistic planning analysis
  • Events
  • Fairs and stands
  • Crisis-management

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Media

  • Web Design
  • Web Marketing
  • Social Networks
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Audio&Video productions

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Identità

  • Corporate and product graphics design
  • Art direction
  • Visual Identity

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Counselling

  • Management training
  • Coaching
  • Relationship with stakeholders
  • Corporate lobbying

Paolo Spalluto Comunicazione - Clienti