MUnit takes you around the world

MUnit travels the world participating in the most important pharmaceutical exhibitions. He wanted to communicate […]

SES Incontri 2019

SES Incontri, 16 April 2019, 6.30 p.m. Professor Pietro Majno-Hurst “Surgical commitment and personal ecological […]

Passione Engadina sponsor of the Coppa d’Italia of the SMTC Cresta Run

For a couple of years Passione Engadina has been a partner of the Coppa d’Italia, […]

Passions Lab – A boutique of events

Passions Lab AG is headquartered in Zurich and offers a boutique of events particularly related […]

AGEnda – The AGE’s magazine

In these days, the new winter edition of AGEnda, the six-monthly publication of the electricity, […]

Passione Engadina – the new website

The new website of Passione Engadina is now online. A totally new, elegant and mobile […]

Drivin ‘with Nico Rosberg

Drivin’ with Nico is a signature event with every detail geared towards the highest quality […]

The image of Passione Caracciola 2019

Here we present the new image of Passione Caracciola 2019 (18-21 settembre 2019). A beautiful […]

Why do companies rebrand?

There are actually a multitude of reasons why a business might set up a corporate […]

LASES: the Sopracenerina television

This week LASES has been launched, a new internal communication project that allows the dissemination […]

Microchem: a successful party for the first 40th anniversary

A remarkable anniversary for this company born, almost by chance, during a small talk conversation […]

La Fonte d’Informazione, 38th issue

In these days friends and supporters will find in their mailbox the latest issue of […]