Pharmaceutical company

A Client with whom we have built a ten-year relationship, becoming partner in strategic consultancy, besides managing all the elements connected with internal and external corporate communication

The company distinguishes itself for a series of services and competitive edges to constantly anticipate its Customers’ demands. The most important have been listed within a hypothetical ever-changing subway network. The creative idea has been developed on different materials, among which a video illustrating the company’s establishment and constant growth, in an incessant search for the best results

The importance of participating to world level exhibitions to learn and to be appreciated. Some examples of invitations to the main world exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry, the CPHI Worldwide.

A video to directly and visually illustrate some of the supplied services. We have used modern and innovative video techniques.

Blue, grey and yellow: the three colours characterizing the new Munit package, blend in with their own contrasts to represent the identity of three different companies, with a single common denominator. A high-level graphic design project in which the choice of materials and printing techniques has allowed to highlight the minimal and neat graphic the Client has always requested.

Munit’s communication has always outreached the traditional images connected with the medical field. In this case, the corporate milestones have been represented as a long journey towards an iconic mountain such as the Matterhorn.