Are face masks allowed on batting helmets in USSSA baseball tournaments?

We have youth and adult styles from major brands including …Lets clear this up: ROLLING or SHAVING a Bat is ILLEGAL! Both are considered cheating and we do NOT recommend these as they will result in: Legal Action: If someone is injured while using an altered bat the owner of the bat, person in the batters box and person who altered the bat are liable for the outcome and can faNo metal spikes are allowed in 9U, 10U, 11U & 12U. The rules are in accordance with …17. Cleats - metal cleats are not allowed in TCFA 3. Such as: batting out of order, failing to retouch after a caught fly or failing to touch a base while advancing or retreating on the bases. 05. Bryce Harper does, too. Protests: a. Any reference to “the program” contained within these rules shall be interpreted as meaning Georgia USSSA Baseball. It will be my goal to create an experience that the players, coaches and families will remember for the rest of their lives. Jewelry is prohibited. Other Rawlings CoolFlo Highlighter Matte Fastpitch Batting Helmet with Mask Rawlings Coolflo® technology, first introduced in 2006, forever revolutionized batting helmet protection with its state-of-the-art venting system and sleek, aerodynamic look. 15, USSSA stamp, Tball bat for ages three and four is permitted. The mask has two layers of fabric soft polyester against the face and more rigid polyester on the outside for crisp decoration. Baseball may be the only game in which the defense has the ball and where independent decisions by individual play-ers determine the action of the game. A maximum of drop 8 (-8) will be the new bat restriction for the 13U age group. The ergonomic profile of the bottom edge will nto interfere with swing mechanics. Durable high-impact ABS shell. ) The park will provide each player with a jersey and a hat. 00 – NAME & OBJECTIVE 1. All players who pitch or play 1st or 3rd base are required to wear a fielders mask. 13U Bat Standard Changes. 12. Those rules include field distances, pitching distances, number of players and equipment. Catchers must use a face mask w/ throat protector. The bill offers optimal sightlines and the padding creates a fit you'll love. This pitcher's mask has a ventilation system that allows air flow through the helmet for comfort and its adjustable dial gives you a superior fit. . USSSA RELEASES 2019 FASTPITCH RULE CHANGES When USSSA gathered in Temecula, California for its 51 st annual convention in November, fastpitch leadership announced several rule changes for the upcoming season. 02 The objective of Georgia USSSA Baseball is to organize and promote youth and amateur baseball, to perpetuate the interest and love of the game. com/equipment_rules. This board is all about effective 28 Pins90 FollowerYouth Baseball & Little League Equipment RulesDiese Seite übersetzenwww. Trust our commitment to developing the most innovative and best performing gear in baseball. ALL-STAR BSPWV Vela Advanced Roll Top Belt Loop Piped Pant. In 1986 a performance test standard was published for lacrosse helmets and face guards, and in 1987, a standard for football face guards was released. org/about-nocsae/faqsThe baseball standard has since been designated as the baseball/softball batting helmet standard. Snaps on youth and adult helmets. D. All bat boys/girls will wear full-use batting helmets when their team is at bat. Your tournament host will be Indiana USSSA Baseball and it will be our goal to create anAbout USSSA; USSSA Players in MLB; State Directors; Rules and By-Laws; The Elite World Series; World Series; AA World Series; Global Sports Baseball; NIT Tournaments; National Rankings; Insurance; All American Games; Contact UsDirect Sports carries a large inventory of baseball and softball bats, baseball gloves and mitts, baseball apparel and clothing, batting gloves, and more. No softie softballs allowed. High gloss 2-tone finish, white with color accent. Whenever a pitching machine is in use: There will be a limit of one player and one adult (defined as over 21 years of age) in the cage. A team manager and/or board member also has the right to ask a player to wear a batting helmet with a face mask if he/she deems necessary for the safety of …Shop our large selection of baseball and softball facemasks. , All-Star Baseball tournaments does not require the teams that do not utilize such equipment to purchase them to play. nfhs. This will only apply to 13u events and teams playing in 13U events. Both USA and USSSA bats are allowed for all ages. Each helmet must meet NOCSAE safety standards to be legal. Shop baseball & softball face masks From America's #1 Baseball & Softball Retailer! Shop face masks for baseball & softball at DICK'S Sporting Goods …14. ProNine Sports has been in business since 2001 and was started as a family owned and operated business. Browse bats, equipment, gear, and apparel for adults & youths. Specifically designed for the female athlete, the Prowess has been engineered to increase vision and comfort without skimping on safety. If no pitching machine is in use, two players may use a cage for pitching practice as long as the catcher is wearing a catcher’s mask. Teams are allowed to substitute absent players with 4U Instructional T-Ball players registered in the SYBL to avoid automatic outs. 2014 · Between 4th and 5th grades, our coach had face masks installed on our batting helmets. Most chest protectors sold in 2018 and …Lincoln Babe Ruth Baseball games will begin on June 20 th. In 2014, my family and I purchased the company and moved it …For example, some organizations require, chin straps on helmets, full catchers gear for the 5u-8u age group, face masks, etc. Clean with a cloth. It's not a requirement, but leagues who want to assist with getting more balls in play for the benefit of the batter and fielders can use either of those options. GAME-LEGAL EQUIPMENT: Softball players may use wooden or aluminum bats, batting helmets, and batting gloves. May 6, 2013 - This is a really nice, multi-purpose bat bag ideal for taking to practice and for storing your gear for the season. No player will be allowed to bat or run the bases without wearing such a helmet. 9-12 year olds Any bat currently owned with a USSSA stamp on it will be allowed for GYS league play* in 2018. Smash It Sports is the largest online dealer of Slowpitch Softball Bats in the US, and one of the largest Fastpitch & Baseball dealers. We hated those things and we begged for him to let us take them off. Autor: Gret HuskyAufrufe: 20MVideolänge: 3 Min. Protest of uniforms will not be allowed. shtmlLittle League Equipment Rules. Custom Uniforms, Footwear, and Athletic Equipment offered in a variety colors to match your team. Dual density pad system is lined with moisture wicking fabric. Indiana USSSA Baseball Tournament Packet. 27. The USSSA rules allow for leagues to use a coach pitch or machine pitch option for 9 and 10-year-old girls. 1. 8. It shall be the Tournament Director’s responsibility regarding A full-use batting helmet which covers the top and back of the head and the side of the face must be worn by every player while in the on-deck circle, when at bat and while on the bases. USSSA Baseball "A" State Championship May 30th - 31st, 2020 DFW, TX The big difference in our program is that USSSA monitors and restricts "tournament" players from filtering into the All-Star program. Available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors, each softball helmet includes unique features for the athlete, including lightweight design, moisture wicking capabilities, glare elimination and SEI certified. They’re among 10 players in Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game who wear attachments to their batting helmets that …Shop Wilson Baseball equipment - custom and stock gloves, baseballs, protective gear, uniforms and more. Helmets and cages that are damaged or altered are forbidden. One day late in July he finally caved and he removed half of the face masks. This helmet has a profile any ball player will appreciate. Parents MAY remain in their cars and watch. GAME OBJECTIVE: The objective of softball is for a team to score more runs than the opposing team. Baseball is more popular as a sport of league matches in the US, Catcher's helmet. The batter must wear a batting helmet with face-mask. The facemask is certified for balls no smaller than 11”. It is required that every player wear a double earflap protective helmet while batting, on deck and running bases. Compatible with all Under Armour designed batting helmets, this low profile and ergonomic face mask is designed specifically for the sport of fast pitch Gear Batting Helmets Coolflo High School/College Batting Helmet Description Rawlings Coolflo® technology, first introduced in 2006, forever revolutionized batting helmet protection with its state-of-the-art venting system and sleek, aerodynamic look. Shop our large selection of baseball and softball facemasks. Worth Legit Slowpitch Softball Helmet/Mask LGTPH. Bat Guidelines for USA Baseball Events. A full-use batting helmet which covers the top and back of the head and the side of the face must be worn by every player while in the on-deck circle, 21. Hopefully, the tournament you're playing in will help with the cost of game balls, but that is not always the case. 10. 2020 · Baseball - Quick Guide - Baseball, not all of them send their teams to major international tournaments. Costs: Minimal for beginning players; can be much higher for older or elite players, especially those on travel teams. com™ has the baseballs you need at great prices from the game’s top baseball manufacturers like: …A. indianausssabaseball. Baseball helmets are available in a variety of colors, designs and finishes, so choose one that fits your game. Cordura(R)-like nylon fabric with durable vinyl piping. APPEAL is an act of a fielder in claiming violation of the rules by the offensive team. 4. Light weAZ USSSA Baseball latest update will be to plan on resuming tourname nts on May 30-31 to be played at Cactus Yards. Metal spikes are allowed in 13U & 14U. Balls, balls, and more balls. apparel pack GIVEAWAY. Aug 12, 2013 - An important part of baseball and softball is the batting helmet. We are source for the latest baseball equipment and softball equipment offered at great everyday prices. The traditional look of a two-piece mask is very appealing to many players. In NCAA fast pitch softball you have the option to wear a helmet with or without a face mask. The rules are NOT in place for youth (non-high school). batting order will be declared an out each turn at bat. Batting helmets…Coach and Machine Pitch. It shall be the Tournament Director’s responsibility regarding uniform legality. Batter’s Helmet. face mask to defend against missed balls. No steel cleats are allowed. They are effective January 1, 2019 and will be included in the forthcoming online and printed rule book update. 2 million participants, competing in 14 nationally sanctioned sports including Baseball, Fastpitch, Slow Pitch, Karate, Basketball, Soccer and more! For more information on USSSA and to register your team visit . The reinforced flat bill design30. They MUST continue social distancing. All in stock at Direct Sports23. comEQUIPMENT - HELMETS www. Bat boys must wear helmets. The PROWESS batting helmet is designed with a sleek, matte finish and is NOCSAE certified for all levels of play. At the end of the game, the team with the highest number of runs wins. FTR, we …DeMarini Baseball, Fastpitch, and Slowpitch batting gloves, including digi camo styles. 08. All in stock at Direct SportsYour Tournament host will be Lynn Gibson from NEO USSSA Baseball. 2020 · Little League International has issued a letter to all youth batting helmet manufacturers for clarification on whether or not adding to their helmets voids their NOCSAE certification. We stock batting gloves, baseball gloves and softball gloves, equipment bags, protective equipment, catcher's sets, softballs and baseballs. Any bats purchased in the future must have the USSSA stamp on them to be allowed. It is mandatory for all batting helmets to be equipped with a face mask. If not covered in the USSSA national rules we will follow the Major League Baseball rules. com and find a batting helmet that delivers protection, performance, and comfort. After being hit in the face by a pitch that ended his 2014 season, he wore a football-style face mask in 2015 but switched to the C-Flap in 2016 and has continued to wear it since then, primarily Additionally, most players wear rubber baseball cleats. For 2020 high school baseball requires a NOCSAE certified chest protector. org Helmets must meet the provisions of Rule 1-5-2, including that all face mask/guards attached after manufacture are approved by the manufacturer and meet the NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. Catchers wear a helmet with face mask similar to a hockey goalkeeper mask to protect both their head and face. • Coaches and players must adhere to physical six-foot distancing except when the ball is in play. 2. Catchers should always wear helmets with face masks, throat guards, full-length chest protectors, shinguards, and catchers' mitts. All batting helmets must bear the manufacturer’s certification indicating satisfactionhelmet that does not have a face mask, provided the attachment procedure is approved by the manufacture. On such teams, costs to play can soar as high as $6,000 per season, not counting lodging, gas, etc. We ship out of a 3-warehouse, 60,000 square foot campus in Rochester, New York. Beginning with the major rules differences in the NFHS rulebook (which was originally one short page), I initially expanded this umpiring aid some time ago by adding rule excerpts to the No metal spikes are allowed in 9U, 10U, 11U & 12U. Starting January 1, 2020, our 13U division will have a new bat limit. 01 This organization shall be known as Georgia USSSA Baseball. Baseball, Softball & Batting Cages *Per the CDC, symptoms include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell. Players can not coach the bases. 1,117 Followers · Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue. Safety Helmets must be worn at all times by any offensive player on the playing field for any reason. NFHS / Pro Baseball Rules Differences. Founded in 1968, USSSA has grown to over 4. 2020 · The batting helmets must be affixed with the NOCSAE symbol, be free of cracks or other visible damage, and all of the internal padding must not be missing, tattered, torn or frayed. BAAB is not mandating the USA 2018 Baseball Bat standard. All divisions tee ball through Minors 9/10 Baseball and Softball require the use of a face mask on the batting helmets. No synthetic balls are allowed. At that time, fans (immediate family members) will be allowed to attend games. A catcher wears a chest and neck protector and face mask Some helmets come with a built-in mask for face protection, while others can be added to a helmet for a more customized headpiece. 2014 · Is anyone familiar enough with USSSA rules to know if head first sliding to a base is illegal? I know our little league rec league has it banned and it is generally very uncommon to see head first in USSSA tournaments at the 9/10 ages. Due to the use of the foam bat and ball in BlastBall, there is no requirement to wear a batting helmet or use a baseball glove – these are optional. This tournament is pending approval from Governor to announce AZ reopening to Phase 2 allow reopening youth activities which is expected early next week. If you're a proud parent of an athlete, check out our assortment of baseball mom shirts and support them in style. 2015 Miken Psycho Maxload ASA Slowpitch Bat SYCHMA. Become a part of the largest baseball rules community in the world! Get free access to baseball forums, rules analysis and exclusive email content from current and former Major League Baseball …Pick up your practice clothes, jersey, baseball uniform socks and pants. Suspended games will be resumed from the exact point of suspension. For our Canadian customers we operate shops in Calgary and Hamilton. All players are required to wear a batting helmet with a face mask …May 6, 2013 - This is a really nice, multi-purpose bat bag ideal for taking to practice and for storing your gear for the season. If you're a youth fastpitch softball player, there are three important things to consider when determining the best youth softball24. AGE • No longer than 32 inches • No specific weight/length ratio limit • Wood, metal or composite is allowed • Non-wood and multi-piece wood bats must be that are found to have committed an infraction will have their participation reviewed by the operating staff and may face expulsion from The Michigan High School Athletic Association, or MHSAA, has established softball rules that all Michigan high schools must follow. If the manufacturer’s response is not listed below and/or if you have not received a notice, or the notice is not available, helmets with an attachment are not permitted to be used. 2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-8) DXCF8. (2) A batting helmet with a face mask is required for the player pitcher while playing the pitching position. com 1. 07. There has always been the option to have your kid wear a face mask. 22. Bats. Full facemasks on batting helmets are …Fall Tournament Rules. This ensures the mask can be reused safely. The tournament will be played at the Bentley Sports Complex in Bixby, Oklahoma July 12-16, 2019. usssa. Fortify yourself for practice or play with baseball protective gear, including batting helmets, face protection, compression gear and baseball sliders. 06. STARR product catalog shortly. If you want to mandate that my kid wear a face mask then I will have to decide if I want to play little league or go to a program where it is optional. They are NOT allowed directly behind the backstop. The NCAA pushed their requirement out to 2021. That afternoon, in our game, I turned into a pitch and took it square in the eye. 15. DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet with Softball Mask The DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet is a helmet designed by the leaders in hitting, to appeal, to well, hitters. 2020 USSSA By-Laws; 2020 USSSA Baseball Rules . A jaw guarAutor: Bat DigestAufrufe: 8. Bring a bucket or two of practice balls with at least a dozen brand new game balls, if not more. Kim CollinsFlorida USSSA Baseball. Batting helmets must have a face mask on it. Batting Helmets. K Bunting shall not be allowed. Rule 2. Helmets must be worn by batters and runners. A batting helmet is worn by batters in the game of baseball or softball. ALL-STAR BSP5Y-RF Youth Relaxed Fit Piped Baseball Pants. With over 7,000 bats in stock, our selection of softball equipment and baseball equipment includes everything! We have baseball bats and softball bats, whether it be fast pitch or slow pitch, adult or youth. The lightweight I-Bar Vision steel cage provides a well balanced, durable, and light weight cage that will not shift forward while swinging or running the bases. Eric Hartman Pascagoula Youth Baseball Pascagoula, MS Tournament Rule XV (E)(1) - Page 103 - Delete paragraph XV (e)(1) in its entirety: (E)(1) Facemask and chinstraps are optional on batting helmets. com//USSSA_AA_WORLD_SERIES… · PDF Datei2017 USSSA Baseball 9-10-11-12 AA World Series Field of Dreams 3025 Westfield Road Noblesville, Indiana 46062 July 13-16, 2017 Congratulations on an outstanding season and welcome to the 2017 USSSA Baseball 9-10-11-12 AA World Series. Champro Two-Tone Gem Gloss Performance Batting Helmet with Facemask. However, this traditional mask was used with a backwards hat as opposed to the hard hat worn today. com/ball-gear/baseball-helmet-face-guard/ Fun to see some manufacturers begin to deliver on what a lot of parents want. Providing Quality Sporting goods for baseball, softball, fastpitch, football and more!The two-piece catcher’s helmet has been in baseball since 1907. Yes, in most divisions. Here’s what you need to know about the new NOSCAE Catcher’s Gear requirement for high school and college ball. Shop BaseballSavings. ) Glove; Cleats; Baseball Bat (BPF 1. Providing Quality Sporting goods for baseball, softball, fastpitch, football and more!Kentucky USSSA Baseball Tournament Packet Protest of uniforms will not be allowed. • Must conduct daily symptom assessments by coachesGet innovative, high-performing baseball gear that will take your game to the next level. ALL-STAR BHFG2-S7 System 7 Baseball Faceguard. However, we allow for the "tournament" players to play in the regular league if desired. When an Umpire observes anyone required to wear a batting helmet deliberately removing the batting helmet 2019 - 2020 Rule Changes Summary and Interpretive Notes Continuing in 2019, all Youth / Minor players must wear an approved batting helmet with two ear flaps while batting, base running and in the on-deck circle. If the helmet has a chin strap, it should be fastened securely. So whether you are looking for an NFHS high school baseball, Dixie league baseball, tee ball baseball or an official league baseball for practice – BaseballMonkey. 2017 · Leg, elbow and wrist guards and padded base-running gloves are common, and catcher masks have evolved to reduce concussion risk. Ponytail gap makes this helmet ideal for male or female players. Catchers use special protective gear such as face masks and shin guards. · 10U Juniors/Mustang – 11” hard ball - 1 New, 1 gently used Batting Helmets All batters, on-deck batters, and base runners are required to wear protective batting helmets at all times. But who says they need to be uncomfortable or ugly. Free shipping over $50. compiled & edited by Steve Orinick. Once your child is placed on a team, their coach will let you know what color baseball pants, socks and belt Arizona USSSA TOURNAMENT RULES Note: These rules are for AZ USSSA Baseball Tournaments only and do not apply for other USSSA Tournaments and World Series Click Here for Frozen Roster Guidelines 2014 Rule Added at all parks due to excessive damage to the outfields Any Player and Team that dig holes in the outfield will face penalties4 RULE 1. Questions contact Tournament Director Cary at 806-787-8097 or ldfyb3@gmail. com. Baseball. This slow-pitch softball catcher's mask is molded for enhanced style and impact resistance. Helmets are always provided by the team, but it is a good idea to buy your own for batting practice at home against a live pitcher. Apart from the look, a two-piece mask can also be very appealing to catchers playing in hot climates. Metal spikes are not allowed. An attached face mask/guard is highly recommended. Appeals must be made while the ball is in play (live). Initially worn by all Major League Baseball® athlete. J Teams may use free substitution on defense but the batting order shall remain the same. Most female travel ball teams for fast pitch softball require the batter to wear a helmet with a face mask. 9KUSSSA AA WORLD SERIES ITINERARY - Indiana USSSA Baseballwww. For example, some organizations require, chin straps on helmets, full catchers gear for the 5u-8u age group, face masks, etc. We are the Baseball & Softball Experts. Estimated production time 2 weeks on most orders. 100 piece minimum order; One size fits most adults. Enter for a chance to win an EvoShield apparel pack, including some of our best-selling training options. For 2015 the OBR book was completely revised and reorganized. NCAA 1-15 Protective Equipment - Baseball …Diese Seite übersetzenhttps://baseballrulesacademy. A batter who is "hit by pitch," due to an inadvertent wild pitch or a pitcher's purposeful attempt to hit him, may be seriously, even fatally, injured. Face masks are required on helmets for U16 and below players. All in stock at Direct SportsKentucky USSSA Baseball Tournament Packet Protest of uniforms will not be allowed. The catcher uses special equipment specific to their position, including a shin guard, face mask, and protective Players must furnish their own bats and batting helmets (with face mask for all age groups except Colt and GGBL), both of which must comply with league standards. Equipment: Glove (also called mitt) for fielding balls, batting glove, batting helmet, cleats, uniform. justbatreviews. Players, fans, and sportswriters keep care-ful track of player statistics, such as batting . 7. If you want to place a face mask on your son at the plate, go ahead, you should have that freedom. 2015 Miken Psycho Balanced USSSA Slowpitch Bat SYCHBU. With years of experience coaching, playing, running tournaments and selling merchandise we are the one stop shop. FYB/USSSA 2018 LOCAL TOURNAMENT RULES _____ Page | 1 Updated 3/1/18 March Freeze Tournament will follow USSSA National rules, except for the rules listed below. In the Adult program, NOCSAE approved helmets are required. We are not affiliated with any organization adopting this standard. 2016 DeMarini CF8 Hope Fastpitch Bat (-10) DXCFH. The catcher shall wear all appropriate protective gear including a catcher's helmet with face mask and either a built-in extended throat guard or a All South Carolina teams playing in a USSSA World Series must play in 4 South Carolina/North Carolina USSSA baseball events to play in Shop our large selection of baseball and softball facemasks. B27 1,401,092 views. Catcher's Gear. com/official-rule/ncaa/ncaa-1-15Protective Equipment SECTION 15. USSSA is the world's largest multi-sport organization. ALL-STAR BH3000FPV Vela Batting Helmet Cage Combo Adult. Local leagues may add additional safety rules and/or guidelines but are not permitted to alter any of the following. 2012Ort: 8050 OAK RIDGE HWY, Knoxville, TN 37931, Knoxville, TeFAQs – NOCSAEDiese Seite übersetzenhttps://nocsae. Softball Helmets with Face Mask For safety purposes, and by rule, all players must wear fastpitch softball helmets with facemask. Baseballs will be provided by the Tournament host. 11. 2012 · 12 year old Catcher celebrates a strikeout and a win batting earlier in the same game, Kid Rages In Baseball Tournament - Duration: 0:37. No stickers are permitted on the helmets, unless there is a letter of certification from the helmet manufacturer affirming the stickers are permitted to be affixed to the helmet. They are allowed to watch along the side or outfields fence. but by all means coach Boone if you got a player on your team as parents want him to wear a face mask, we have not heard otherwise I know that according to governor camp in Georgia our our business amateur baseball tournament. ALL-STAR BSPWS7 Women's Roll Top Pant. For U9-U10, batting helmets are required to have a face guard. Batting Helmet (Helmet with face mask is required for ages three and four. A new wider shell around the ear flaps and a ponytail channel allow for easier on and off, while a BioDri™ fabric liner absorbs sweat for dryness and comfort. It’s machine washable, fits comfortably on your face, and isn’t too hot. 2020 · Helmets should cover both ears and have an approved face guard attached that fits comfortably. I have updated to current numbers and sections in contrasting color. We will randomly select two winners - one male and one female. Batting helmets should bear the "Approved For All Youth Baseball" stamp on them. Save on top of the line baseball bats and baseball gloves with low prices from HQ4Sports. Browse through our baseball, fastpitch, softball, lacrosse, football, volleyball and basketball gear. Safety: Helmets must be worn at all times by any offensive player on the playing field for any reason. 04. 13. Coach Checklist For Travel Ball Tournament. 2018 · https://www. We operate many tournaments throughout the country every weekend. Shop Mizuno's baseball bats, gloves, cleats, and so much more. With RIP-IT Softball Helmets, nothing comes between you and your best at bat. Thank you! You should receive your copy of the A. com™ has the baseballs you need at great prices from the game’s top baseball manufacturers like: …A full-use batting helmet which covers the top and back of the head and the side of the face must be worn by every player while in the on deck circle, when at bat and while on the bases. 2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-9) DXCFF. TCFA does provide each team with a couple of these masks but if you prefer, please purchase your own. A chinstrap is optional. 10. It is meant to protect the batter's head from errant pitches thrown by the pitcher. 11U USSSA GLOBAL WORLD SERIES | KNIOXVILLE, TN, TN at 8050 OAK RIDGE HWY, Knoxville, TN 37931 on Tuesday Jul 17, 2012 at 12:00AMStartdatum: 17. a. See USSSA …Show your prowess at the plate with Easton’s new PROWESS™ FASTPITCH batting helmet. 00 Appeal, 7. youthbaseballbasics. Light weWith RIP-IT Softball Helmets, nothing comes between you and your best at bat. 2018 · Mike Trout wears a C-flap. LITTLE LEAGUE SAFETY PLAYING RULES & REGULATIONS The following are Little League Rules and Regulations that are designed with the safety and well being of the players in mind

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