Spalluto Comunicazione


The strategic role is the main and crucial part of our activity.
For reasons of confidentiality and complexity of the covered topics, it is not possible to go into details on our website.
It rests on more than 30 years of experience and a network of international personal relationships of Paolo Spalluto, often invited to mediate or reach an agreement between visions coming from and weaving with implementation difficulties. The personal expertise in the field of emotional intelligence and the crisis management are further sources of implementation and, often, solution.
Problem solving is our approach, primarily to release energy among the people involved in the projects, even before introducing a vision of pure strategic solution.
«My clients either stay with me for years or we part ways consensually in a very few months. It’s pointless: first and foremost it’s often a matter of brain chemistry.» This is one of the most used sentences of Paolo Spalluto, our founder.