Power company

A Client we have come along with, over the years, through graphic and strategic communication projects. For AGE, we have been editing for a long time AGEnda, the biannual publication of the gas, power and water supply company. A tool through which we help the company to convey its news and its renowned corporate dynamics to its Users, not just the insiders.

The Client’s request was to have a website that its Users could easily access and browse.
We designed a new portal with a modern and neat graphic, which would allow a clear and immediate web surfing. In addition to this, we oversaw the site’s technical development, adjusting it to every browsing format and making the content management intuitive.
In addition to this, we deal with the site’s constant updating.

A proactive and early communication is the goal we have helped AGE to attain during an exceptional operation on the power line that entailed the power supply’s interruption for two nights. In our role, we supported our Client in its communication, directly to the population and through the mass media, with reference to the measures to take in order to cope, without much trouble, with an event necessary for their future safety.

Starting with a logo revisiting, there came a series of operations accompanying the daily communication in support of the several activities in favour of the supplied territory.

For the 2019 annual report, we wanted to include in the document the beautiful shots by Gabriele Spalluto that portray some of the Ticino parathlete and tell the extraordinary stories of men and women who strive to overcome their limits.