Real Estate

A project developed with the Client and its idea of environmental architectural integration, which led to the creation of a concerted image for both the website and the project’s press conference. Archetipo is in fact a property developer of a different kind, whose philosophy and planning ability rest on architectural and aesthetics respect.

The outline of a brave and possible sustainable future, using a strong and bright, innovative and surprising stroke. The study of the logo and of the matching image was a very stimulating graphic exercise, together with the planning of the Internet website. Furthermore, for Archetipo we had the pleasure to work on a truly fascinating project: D-vision.

D-vision: a different vision. A new “green heart” construction proposal in Bellinzona, an invitation to imagine a less invasive way of building. The first example in Ticino of a 100% energy independent edifice. Four contiguous residential units in a panoramic and sunny position, in symbiosis with Nature and the landscape.

A truly innovative project, respectful of the environmental balances, totally energy independent and not accessible by car for a new concept of mobility. For us the challenge was to graphically convey the architectonic philosophy and idea behind such an ambitious task. We decided to use natural colours, clear and neat lines, also highlighting the beautiful photos.