Engineering firm

The engineering firm Visani, Rusconi,Talleri (VRT) SA was established by Mr Tullio Visani in 1960.
Twenty years ago, in 1999, with the merging of the firms Visani & Talleri and Sergio Rusconi SA, the creation, once again, of a young team allowed to bring under the same roof, and into the same firm, both continuity and technical expertise.
Since then, the engineering firm Visani, Rusconi and Talleri SA has grown into a leading player in the domain of plant design in the Ticino area.

The firm’s long record and the need to tackle a more and more competitive and unpredictable job market are the reasons which brought them to our Agency.
In our role, we have worked on the correct repositioning of the firm’s public perception, operating on the image of the VRT brand.

The graphic design of the new logo and its overall definition were just one aspect of the job we undertook with the engineering firm. A key point of our assignment was in fact to work very closely with the firm’s Board, in order to cooperate with them at the strategic planning of the firm’s future in a delicate moment of its history.

A full spectrum strategic consulting and communication assignment, which led also to an exchange of inspiring views between an engineering approach to work and our expertise in the field of communication.